PME – Apoio Para Tecnologias de Produção “Limpas”

Specific Challenge:

Foresight studies show that the massive integration of advanced manufacturing will displace in a few years many of the current traditional manufacturing processes. In particular, energy and resource-efficient and low carbon technologies and the circular economy will be key drivers of innovation in SMEs. To remain competitive, manufacturing SMEs will increasingly need to rely on advanced manufacturing technologies for clean production. These technologies enable the development of new production processes, but also improve the manufacturing of existing products by reducing production costs, the reliance on raw materials and the consumption of energy, while diminishing the adverse impacts on the environment by reducing the generation of waste and pollution.

Currently, only one third of manufacturing companies in the EU has used advanced manufacturing technologies so far and plans to use them in the next year[[]]. The challenge is to provide technology support to SMEs who lack resources and/or competences to integrate innovative advanced manufacturing technologies for clean production.

SMEs' access to technology services and facilities remains difficult in many regions of the EU (a recent inventory shows that two thirds of the technology infrastructures providing services to SMEs in the field of advanced manufacturing are located in only four Member States[[Namely Germany, the UK, France and Spain]]). In this context, the High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) recommended in its report of June 2015 to ensure pan-European access of manufacturing companies to "premier-class" technology infrastructures in the field of KETs. As a first step, the Commission has published an inventory of existing technology infrastructures in the EU capable of providing SMEs with technology services and facilities in the field of KETs.

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